New Client Custom Facial $115

Most clients will start with this facial to dial in a plan for their skin care goals.  Includes an interview, written skin assessment and plan, full Custom Organic facial. as well as L.E.D Light therapy sample treatment and product samples if desired..  Also includes massage for your arms, hands, face, upper back and scalp.  (65 mins)

Custom Organic Facial $105

The custom facial is customized to your skin's needs and your goals. We take in. to account the condition of your skin each visit and adjust our plan for that day, while still following the direction of the original skincare treatment plan..  (50 mins)

Deluxe Custom Facial $165

This facial is the “Custom Facial” but also includes scrub, massage and mask for your feet.           (65 mins.)

Redness Rescue Rosacea Facial $128

This facial is for Rosacea and includes LED Light Therapy for redness reduction and cellular healing.  If you have acne and/or other skin issues, they will also be addressed.  Also includes massage for your arms, hands, face, upper back and scalp. (55 mins)

Pigment Fade Facial $155

This facial is designed for people with dark, blotchy skin that you want to lighten.  It includes a natural skin lightening mask and ends with L.E.D. Light Therapy to retrain melanin cells.  Also includes massage for your arms, hands, face, upper back and scalp.                  ( A series of facials is needed for best results ) (65 mins)

Mini Facial $75

This is a lot of treatment crammed into a quick 1/2 hour!  Includes a skin assessment, cleanse, peel, mask and scalp massage on a comfortable heated esthetics chair. (30 mins)

Teen Facial $62

The teen facial is ideal for teaching your child to properly cleanse and care for their skin so that no long term damage is done. we address acne, acne scarring, overly dry skin and redness.  Includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask for their skin needs and suggestions for at home routine. (Parental consent must be signed before treatment.) (20-30 mins)

Quick Peel $49

Sometimes a quick peel is all you need to refresh your complexion.  Economical, effective and great for time crunched individuals. Includes cleanse, organic enzyme peel, scalp massage, tone and moisturize. Add LED Light Therapy for Best results (15 mins)

Oncology Facial $105

Cancer treatment can leave skin feeling dry, rough, bumpy, red and just all around bad.  We can help!  We gently cleanse your face, apply a gentle enzyme peel (if your skin can handle it), mask for your skin’s needs, scalp massage & tone and moisturize. Your skin will feel better and you will feel human again.  Add LED Light Therapy for Best results (40-50 mins)


Microdermabrasion Face & Neck $135 (With Chest $155)

No pain, no recovery time, just quick resurfacing of the outer layer of dull skin to brighten skin tone, soften texture, clean out pores and induce collagen production to plump skin.  Includes cleanse, peel and microdermabrasion, then mini facial including a mask to specifically treat your unique skin,  massage for hands, arms, upper back, chest, face and scalp. 

5 treatments are the usual amount needed to see significant improvement. (60 mins)

Pigment Fade Facial with Microderm $185 and LED Light Therapy (With Chest $205)

Naturally blast your age spots!  We first exfoliate away tanned/pigmented dead skin, lighten with natural whitening mask and then even skin tone with LED light.  Not only do you get an amazing skin treatment, you still relax with a hand, arm, chest, back, face and                                  scalp massage.. ( A series of facials is needed for best results )  (about 75 mins)

 Microderm A-La-Cart NO MASSAGE or FACIAL $85 (With Chest $105)

Includes cleanse, an organic enzyme peel,  microdermabrasion, scalp massage, moisturizer and sunscreen.  (30 minutes)

MicroNeedle Consulation: $25

The $25 charged for this consult will be put toward the cost of microneedle treatment when scheduled. About 30 minutes.

Face Microneedle A-La-Carte (Only needling) $189

increase collagen production, reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture and color, this treatment is highly effective in reanimating your your youthful complexion.

Reanimate Face: Microneedle, Microderm and LED: $245
Reanimate Face & Neck: Microneedle, Microderm and LED: $285
Reanimate Face, Neck & Chest: Microneedle, Microderm and LED: 370

MIcroneedle Scalp, Hair Growth: $235

Reanimate Small Area: $145
Reanimate Hands: $155

This heavy hitter for youthful rejuvenation will improve your skin with collagen stimulation through microdermabrasion, microneedling and LED Light Therapy. These 3 non-invasive treatments are FDA approved and scientifically proven to increase collagen production to plump the skin, reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation and reduce wrinkles. Combined with microderm and LED, which also improve skin texture and color, this treatment is highly effective in reanimating your your youthful complexion.


L.E.D. Light Therapy $58 (as an add on $42)

We cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin.  then you lay on a soft, heated, massaging esthetics bed under the curative LED lights that penetrate deep into the skin to help with acne, melasma, sun spots, scarring, redness and rosacea, wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin and dull tone. (15-20 mins)

Skin Assessment $25

With touch and sight, we assess your skin type and its current condition to help us put together a plan to reach your skin care goals.  We will suggest home routine, in office care plan or refer you out if we are not the right place for you to reach your goals.  Includes cleanse, skin assessment with written plan to revive your skin and answer any questions you may have. (about 20 mins)

Product Assessment $40

Wheather you love of hate your products you use, or just don't know what to use, we can help.  I look over your skin, your product ingredients and tell you if something else will be better for your skin type or to keep using what you have. (30 minutes)

Add on foot treatment $60

YOur feet will thank you! This gentle foot Scrub, foot massage and hot towels for your feet is heavenly!  Also get 20 minutes of a penetrating heated moisture mask for your feet. (adds 15 minutes to facial/microderm)


CANCELLATION POLICY:  Please allow 48 hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment. if 48 hours notice is not given, the client may be charged the full cost of the appointment scheduled.


We only do skin, but we have other businesses in our locations that offer body services.