The FDA is quite relaxed on the US regulations and on skin care, beauty ingredients and the claims companies can outright lie about.  Some ingredients in beauty products disrupt the immune and reproductive systems as well as cause cellular change that can lead to cancer.  Using one or two products with these harmful chemicals may not cause major issues, but most of us use many products daily with harmful ingredients. (Shampoo, shaving cream, lotions, serums, cleanser, toner, oils, toothpaste, makeup, etc)  Our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals, which in the long run can cause disease and in the short run can cause dryness, acne, irritation, eczema or Rosacea flares, rashes and many other skin issues.  It’s best to find safe and natural products that are right for your skin’s unique needs.  You can scan or type in your products and find out their toxicity rating at  Also, not all organic products are created equal; some natural ingredients are still harmful or too strong for sensitive skin.  If you are unsure what your skin needs, please call to schedule your skin assessment and product analysis at 541-410-2697. It’s $45 and takes 15 - 25 minutes


A few ingredients to avoid:

Propylparaben, Methylparaben…anything ending in “paraben”, Oleander, Fragrance

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), Methenamine, Diazolidinyl Urea, Triclosan, Hydroquinone and many more.

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