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Most (about 98%) of my clients don’t know their skin type or guess wrong and are using harmful products that not only make their skin look and feel worse, but also compromise the health of their skin.  It is essential for everyone to get a skin assessment to make sure they are using products that work well together to improve and/or maintain skin health and beauty.  Not everyone that has shiny skin has an oily skin type, intrigued? Learn more later when I talk about oil production. 

There are many factors that go into skin type: dry feeling skin, dehydration, pore size and oil production, medications and allergies, your job, genetics, UV exposure, if you’re a swimmer, if you tend to blush.  Many of these things can be true for one person!  An experienced esthetician will take into account the current condition (texture, color, etc) of the client’s skin and then factor in their medications, life style, water intake, stress levels, living environment, skincare routine at home, if they shave or wax, and the state of their health (hormones, cancer treatment, grief, stress, new medications, life changes, etc).  A well educated and experienced esthetician will be able to recommend a personalized plan in office for treatments and at home for a steady routine that will gently feed your skin and repair daily pollution.