Unfortunately, acne can plague us at any age but during the crucial time of adolescence and puberty is the time to start battling it.  Pre-teens are just barely learning how to take care of themselves and then BAM!, puberty kicks in and hormones turn their faces into an oily mess.  Chances are that your child will have some form of acne during this time.  It is so very important to have your child see an esthetician for at least 1 informative visit at this time.  Their obstinance will be broken down by the professional telling them the same thing you tell them: "wash your face".  Washing twice per day with the proper cleanser and applying the proper lotion will keep most of their embarrassing acne away.  They will start middle school and high school with their beautiful clear skinned heads held high.  The social aspect is a huge one at this time, but addressing the problem NOW will lessen the need for stronger medications, lasers and chemical peels later, that may not ever leave them with soft, clear skin.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  Click here to schedule your teen for a teen facial.