Our Custom Facial

Step By Step

You may love facials because they are extremely relaxing and because you like the way your skin feels afterward, but probably don't know all that goes into it and why it helps your skin.  Below is an explanation for each step of Revive's signature: Custom Organic Facial.  

Step 1: Our chat.  I will ask you about changes in medications, life stresses and if anything is concerning you about your skin since your last facial.  After this brief interaction, I leave the room and you'll put on a spa wrap and snuggle into the heated, memory foam bed. 

Step 2: Wrap up your hair (protecting it from products and wet towels), cleanse your skin to wash away oils, dirt and makeup.  At this time I will be performing a skin assessment.  To learn more about skin assessments, click here.

Step 3: Enzyme peel. The natural acids in an enzyme peel will gently exfoliate dead skin cells away helping to unclog pores, fade pigment and lessen the depth of wrinkles, leaving the skin softer and ready to soak in the mask that is applied afterward.  While the peel is doing it's thing, you receive a relaxing scalp massage.

Step 4: Massage and mask.  After the peel, I will apply a soothing, cool lotion and massage the muscles in the face, relieving sinus pressure, moving lymph, lessening puffiness and relaxing you even further.  After removing the lotion with a warm towel, I will apply a mask for your skin's needs: moisture for dry skin, sulphur or mud for acne, whitening for pigment or a combination of these things.  

Step: 5 Massage, Massage, Massage!  While your mask is on, you will receive massage for your arms, hands, decolletage, shoulders, upper back and neck.  

Step 6: Remove the mask with a warm towel, tone the skin (bringing the ph back to normal and calming the skin with aloe) and then apply moisturizer.

Step 7: At this time the facial is over.  Most clients receive L.E.D. light therapy afterward to further help acne, fade dark spots and/or build collagen.  If L.E.D. was not added to the service, the client gets dressed, new clients receive their written skin assessment and may receive product samples, pays and schedules their next appointment.  

After all of these steps, you feel amazing and your skin has been gently exfoliated and treated with ingredients that help your skin look and feel better immediately.  Doing routine facials monthly (approximately every 3-6 weeks), will keep your skin looking and feeling wonderful.  This will slow the aging process and address issues before they become problems that need more expensive, harsh treatment to make a difference.  Getting and keeping healthy skin takes a good routine at home as well as deeper treatments in office.