Office Space For Lease

A large office in our Bend location just became available. It’s about 350 square feet and has a lot of light (sliding glass door to a balcony). Furnished waiting room, bathroom and all utilities are included. We are in an upstairs unit with no elevator. No water in the room. Must be quiet, as other tenants are spa like quiet.

$575 full time use any time you want. $250 deposit. Text 541-410-2697 or email



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Room for Rent in Wood Village

Room for rent in an organic skin care spa in Wood Village. All quiet business types welcome. Shared building with facialist and lash tech renting now. 2 rooms open, one has a sink and the other doesn't. $550 per month for full time use, $150 deposit, 6 month lease, all utilities included. Beautifully furnished waiting room and bathroom. Available now. Quiet, clean, respectful, beautiful spa like environment. Call 503-888-9648 for more info.

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Are you harming your skin?

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Most (about 98%) of my clients don’t know their skin type or guess wrong and are using harmful products that not only make their skin look and feel worse, but also compromise the health of their skin.  It is essential for everyone to get a skin assessment to make sure they are using products that work well together to improve and/or maintain skin health and beauty.  Not everyone that has shiny skin has an oily skin type, intrigued? Learn more later when I talk about oil production. 

There are many factors that go into skin type: dry feeling skin, dehydration, pore size and oil production, medications and allergies, your job, genetics, UV exposure, if you’re a swimmer, if you tend to blush.  Many of these things can be true for one person!  An experienced esthetician will take into account the current condition (texture, color, etc) of the client’s skin and then factor in their medications, life style, water intake, stress levels, living environment, skincare routine at home, if they shave or wax, and the state of their health (hormones, cancer treatment, grief, stress, new medications, life changes, etc).  A well educated and experienced esthetician will be able to recommend a personalized plan in office for treatments and at home for a steady routine that will gently feed your skin and repair daily pollution.

Does your child have acne?


Unfortunately, acne can plague us at any age but during the crucial time of adolescence and puberty is the time to start battling it.  Pre-teens are just barely learning how to take care of themselves and then BAM!, puberty kicks in and hormones turn their faces into an oily mess.  Chances are that your child will have some form of acne during this time.  It is so very important to have your child see an esthetician for at least 1 informative visit at this time.  Their obstinance will be broken down by the professional telling them the same thing you tell them: "wash your face".  Washing twice per day with the proper cleanser and applying the proper lotion will keep most of their embarrassing acne away.  They will start middle school and high school with their beautiful clear skinned heads held high.  The social aspect is a huge one at this time, but addressing the problem NOW will lessen the need for stronger medications, lasers and chemical peels later, that may not ever leave them with soft, clear skin.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  Click here to schedule your teen for a teen facial.

Revive's New Bend Location

We are now in the ShopKo Shopping Center in Bend. 

150 NE Bend RIver MAll Dr. Suite 300 Bend, OR 97701

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Meet our new Lash/Waxing Tech in Wood Village

Angela Erickson, specializing in lashes and waxing


"I strive to be the most professional and affordable lash and waxing services. Any of my services can be vegan, just ask! If you need a time outside of my availability please give me a call or text. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I am here to make sure you are happy with your services and get what you want."  Call/text Angela @  (503) 679-4173

Schedule your appointment online with her at:

See her work at:

We are hiring massage therapists!

Email us your resumes! or copy and paste it below.  We need massage therapists in our Bend and Wood Village Locations. We are also hiring hair removal techs (waxing, threading, etc) in Bend.

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Meet Shannon, our new esthetician!

Shannon is a classically trained and a licensed esthetician in Oregon as of 2018.  She is from Bend, OR and loves all the natural things this Earth has to offer. Shannon fits right in with Revive’s organic approach to skin care and is mastering our famous soft touch massage techniques.  She also has advanced training in microdermabrasion, organic peels, massage, acne and is currently studying product ingredient toxicology.  To schedule with her, click here.


Kill Zombie Skin!

Zombie Skin

Steps to kill Zombie Skin: - Professional peels (every 4-7 weeks) - Gentle daily exfoliation at home - The right moisturizer  - Drink water! - A humidifier when in dry environments

Steps to kill Zombie Skin:
- Professional peels (every 4-7 weeks)
- Gentle daily exfoliation at home
- The right moisturizer
- Drink water!
- A humidifier when in dry environments

Dry skin that doesn't slough off is dead and causing problems, it's zombie skin!  Dead skin should be removed before it can wreak havoc on your complexion.  Also, the moisture barrier must be repaired to restore healthy, young looking skin.



Last minute openings in Bend this Friday

October 27th: 10am, 11am, 1:15pm, 2:15pm, 3:15pm, 4:15pm

Our pumpkin and yam peel not only smells delicious, its enzymes blur signs of aging and help unclog pores to improve acne, blackheads and the glow of your skin!  Call or text today to get in.  There are very few appointments left!  541-410-2697

Our pumpkin and yam peel not only smells delicious, its enzymes blur signs of aging and help unclog pores to improve acne, blackheads and the glow of your skin!  Call or text today to get in.  There are very few appointments left!  541-410-2697


Anatomy of Our Custom Facial







Our Custom Facial

Step By Step

You may love facials because they are extremely relaxing and because you like the way your skin feels afterward, but probably don't know all that goes into it and why it helps your skin.  Below is an explanation for each step of Revive's signature: Custom Organic Facial.  

Step 1: Our chat.  I will ask you about changes in medications, life stresses and if anything is concerning you about your skin since your last facial.  After this brief interaction, I leave the room and you'll put on a spa wrap and snuggle into the heated, memory foam bed. 

Step 2: Wrap up your hair (protecting it from products and wet towels), cleanse your skin to wash away oils, dirt and makeup.  At this time I will be performing a skin assessment.  To learn more about skin assessments, click here.

Step 3: Enzyme peel. The natural acids in an enzyme peel will gently exfoliate dead skin cells away helping to unclog pores, fade pigment and lessen the depth of wrinkles, leaving the skin softer and ready to soak in the mask that is applied afterward.  While the peel is doing it's thing, you receive a relaxing scalp massage.

Step 4: Massage and mask.  After the peel, I will apply a soothing, cool lotion and massage the muscles in the face, relieving sinus pressure, moving lymph, lessening puffiness and relaxing you even further.  After removing the lotion with a warm towel, I will apply a mask for your skin's needs: moisture for dry skin, sulphur or mud for acne, whitening for pigment or a combination of these things.  

Step: 5 Massage, Massage, Massage!  While your mask is on, you will receive massage for your arms, hands, decolletage, shoulders, upper back and neck.  

Step 6: Remove the mask with a warm towel, tone the skin (bringing the ph back to normal and calming the skin with aloe) and then apply moisturizer.

Step 7: At this time the facial is over.  Most clients receive L.E.D. light therapy afterward to further help acne, fade dark spots and/or build collagen.  If L.E.D. was not added to the service, the client gets dressed, new clients receive their written skin assessment and may receive product samples, pays and schedules their next appointment.  

After all of these steps, you feel amazing and your skin has been gently exfoliated and treated with ingredients that help your skin look and feel better immediately.  Doing routine facials monthly (approximately every 3-6 weeks), will keep your skin looking and feeling wonderful.  This will slow the aging process and address issues before they become problems that need more expensive, harsh treatment to make a difference.  Getting and keeping healthy skin takes a good routine at home as well as deeper treatments in office.