Shelly Todd

Licenced Esthetitian, Owner


Get the best skin treatments with a relaxing touch.  Shelly specializes in acne treatment, pigment fading, aging skin, oncology related skin conditions and sensitive skin types.  All of her products and procedures are gentle yet effective on even the most sensitive skin.  Shelly uses organic products so that even pregnant women and oncology patients with compromised immune systems can receive facials.  Because Shelly’s objective is to treat skin gently and to ease inflammation, she does not provide extraction services, but instead cleans out pores with peels and microdermabrasion.

Why Shelly is the professional you want to see: Shelly is certified in and has taken courses in: Oncology Esthetics, Hungarian Massage Techniques, LED Light Therapy, Jade calm skin therapy, Melasma causes/treatments and other forms of hyperpigmentation, the toxicology of cosmetic ingredients, Microdermabrasion, Laser IPL and injectables, Skin Cancer types and treatment (both from research and personal experiences of Melanoma), Skin Classic High Frequency and has done extensive research on skin conditions like Rosacea, Melasma, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne and is aware of and is constantly learning more about medication reaction skin conditions.  She is abreast of skin conditions linked to auto-immune disease medications like methotrexate and other chemotherapy drugs and knows how to avoid lymph-edema through altered massage techniques and lighter skin care treatment.  She keeps her knowledge fresh and educates her clients and will refer clients to a dermatologist if she sees a spot that is suspicious. A monthly facial with Shelly is a great way to keep record of changes in your facial skin, sooth current and chronic skin conditions and her treatments feel amazing!  At Revive, you will get a knowledgeable skin care professional who cares about natural treatment and gentle solutions for your skin and your specific needs all while being extremely relaxed.  Shelly has a tender touch and each movement is done quietly and slowly allowing her clients to fully unwind and enjoy the tranquil environment.


I am 39 years old. I have many years of experience in the beauty and health industries.  Starting at the age of 14, I worked in my parent’s beauty salon in Troutdale, Oregon, where I grew up.  At the age of 19 I moved to Southern California where I managed a Day Spa in Redlands, CA for about a year before moving to San Diego, CA where I worked as a body wrap technician.

All of my life I have dealt with oily, blotchy, acne-ridden, sensitive skin.  I tried product after product, facials, talking to dermatologists, drying my skin out in tanning beds, even trying birth control to fix my skin problems; nothing seemed to work.  After several years of suffering, I began doing my own research and after limiting dairy, sugar and processed foods from my diet, using organic skin care products and repeating the mantra, “less is more”, my skin started to glow!

In 2006, while living in Southern CA, I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in two places.  This shocking diagnosis was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me, but ended up having a very positive effect on my life.  Being diagnosed with cancer urged me to move closer to my family in beautiful Bend Oregon.  I got a job in Bend at a small acupuncture clinic and over the next 7 years I helped it grow into a group of 5 clinics and managed every aspect of the business.  While there, I learned about holistic medicine and how our bodies need balance.

After graduating from Portland Beauty School in 2012, I started Revive Skin Services, with only one esthetician: me.  Because I am passionate about my work and making people look and feel amazing, my business thrived and grew very quickly.  Only 8 months after opening Revive, my first goal in business was realized by expanding and collaborating with 3 other amazing practitioners to offer organic and natural holistic care for clients.  In late 2016 I opened a second skin care spa in Lake Oswego, Oregon and my 3rd location opens in Wood Village, ORegon in June of 2018.

I am constantly learning and strive to provide the most effectual service and comprehensive information for my clients.  I refuse to compromise and will not offer a service or product unless I love it and would use it on myself.  I have been told I have a healing touch; maybe because I love what I do and strive to be a positive influence in people’s lives.  I specialize in sensitive skin types and skin conditions from medication side effects, oncology esthetics and love to put my clients in a state of total relaxation.

I look forward to getting to know you, seeing your skin and creating a unique treatment plan that works best for you.  Whatever your goals; look a little younger, clear up your skin, fade dark spots, tighten your skin or maintain your youthful look, Revive is a wonderful place to start.  We take into account your lifestyle and goals to achieve reasonably desired results.  We will refer you out if what you desire is not within our scope of practice.  We believe in honest treatment plans and strive to create an effective AND relaxing treatment.